Booking Routine and acute GP consultations

Our appointment only surgery times allow us to see patients in a timely. If a surgery is fully booked, but a problem is URGENT, particularly for a child, please advise our receptionist as we do hold appointments every day for urgent problems.
For an appointment please ring the reception at 01 832 6438.
The telephone lines are open from 8am daily. The surgery is closed for lunch between 12.30am - 2.00pm daily.
We always aim to be punctual for your appointment, but medical emergencies may occasionally have to take priority and this can result in delays. Where possible you will be advised of this delay. We would ask you to be patient. If you are unable to wait, we try to rearrange your appointment to suit you
There are a number of doctors at the practice, if you wish to see a specific doctor, please advise our receptionist when making the appointment.
Appointment lengths/fees vary depending on the service required, so please advise our receptionist if you are making an appointment with a special purpose e.g., if your appointment is for more than one patient (family appointment), driving licence medical, smear test, cryotherapy etc.
Please note it is not always possible to see patients who arrive late or without an appointment. In the event patients may be asked to make an alternative appropriate appointment.
Urgent cases will be facilitated on the day but we may not be able to offer your doctor of choice


Emergencies arise and we try to accommodate urgent patients as soon as possible. This may result in other patients waiting. We would ask for your understanding on this.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible in order for us to give the slot to someone else.

Out of Hours Cover

D-DOC out-of-hours GP service are on duty from 6.00pm to 8.00am and all weekend.

Blood tests and investigations

Investigations such as blood tests, ECG, 24-hour blood pressure monitor, cryotherapy, cervical smears, suture removal, ear irrigation are led by our nursing team. All blood tests must be ordered by a GP or by a consultant.
Blood tests which screen for particular abnormalities on an ongoing basis for example, blood tests for patients on cholesterol medication, or arthritis medication or medication for atrial fibrillation, are not covered and a fee will apply.

Home Visits

Housecalls can be arranged for the very frail, elderly or immobile patients. Several patients can be seen at the practice in the time it takes to make one home visit. You will receive the best care by being seen at the practice where all your medical notes and other medical equipment are at hand, so if possible, make an appointment to be seen at the practice.
All requests for a home visit should be made by telephoning 01 832 6438 before 12 noon. The receptionist will ask a few questions to allow the doctor to assess the urgency of your call and to help you in the most appropriate way

New Patients

Currently, we are operating at full capacity and to ensure we can provide safe and timely care to our existing patients our medical card lists are closed at present.